Motley Crue singer Vince Neil recently announced his partnership with a new fast food chain called Quickie Burgers, which plans to launch franchises across the country starting next year.  As the owner of Tres Rios Cantina,  a Mexican themed bar and grill in Las Vegas, Neil is no stranger to the restaurant business.  And he's not the only rocker in the food game.

Here's 10 other classic rockers who own restaurants (with varying degrees of success):

1. Alice Cooper's "Cooperstown" - located in Alice's hometown of Phoenix, this bar and grill is a popular watering hole for local sports fans.  It's just down the street from Chase Field, the home of the Diamondbacks, and directly across the street from the US Airways Center, where the Phoenix Suns play.  Alice's signature dish is "The Big Unit", a two foot hot dog named after former MLB pitcher Randy Johnson.

2.  Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley's "Rock and Brews" - In 2010, the guys from KISS opened their first microbrewery and lounge with the help of renowned restauranteur Michael Zislis.  The chain has since spread from southern California all over the country.  This year, they opened their first international location in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

3. Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen - Jon Bon Jovi has a passion for food and helping people.  His New Jersey restaurant serves up recipes from his Italian family and donates all of their proceeds to help fight hunger. Bon Jovi's father, John Bongiovi Sr., also produces his own line of "Bongiovi" Pasta Sauce.

4. Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar and Grill - Sammy was one of the first rockers to break into the bar and restaurant industry.  He built his Cabo Wabo Cantina from one rickety old Mexican nightclub into a global tequila franchise.  Several years ago, he branched out with Sammy's Beach Bar and Grill, which now has six locations across the country.

5. Lynyrd Skynyrd's BBQ + Beer - When the southern rock legends opened their own soul food join in Las Vegas, the critics praised their down home cuisine and atmosphere.  Unfortunately, a dispute with the Excalibur Hotel, where the restaurant was located, forced them to close down after less than a year in business.

6. Aerosmith Drummer Joey Kramer's "Rockin' and Roastin' Cafe" - In 2012, Joey launched his own line of gourmet coffee beans.  After striking up a successful regional distribution campaign in the Northeast, Kramer is set to open first retail coffee shop next year in his hometown of Boston.

7. Iron Maiden Drummer Nicko McBrain's "Rock n Roll Ribs" in Coconut Creek, Florida - Unlike some other rock stars who are attempting to build nationwide franchises, McBrain's passion for BBQ and metal inspired him to open a small rib shack in his hometown several years ago.  When Maiden's not on tour, McBrain takes an active role in his restaurant and is often seen serving customers and, occasionally, in the kitchen.

8. AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd's "Phil's Place" in Taurang, New Zealand - Rudd's legal problems have been piling up lately, but his troubles actually began several years ago when he opened an upscale steakhouse and seafood restaurant in his home country.  After a controversial incident during which he fired three employees, Rudd was forced to pay over $70,000 in restitution by a local labor board.  The future of his restaurant remains uncertain following his November arrest for drug possession and threatening to kill a business associate.

9.  BB King's Blues Club - The legendary bluesman opened his first soul food restaurant and concert venue in New York City nearly a decade ago.  The Lucille Cafe, named for his famous guitar, became an instant hit and has since expanded to Memphis, Nashville, Las Vegas, Orlando and West Palm Beach, Florida.

10.  Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville - Hands down, the longest running and most successful rock star restaurant chain, Margaritaville began as a small retail shop in the Florida Keys in 1985.  To date, it now has franchises in 17 different states, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Australia.  Not content to sell tropical cocktails and the signature "Cheeseburger in Paradise", Buffett opened his own 15,000 square foot Las Vegas Casino in 2012.



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