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Cabela's, the World's Foremost Outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear has a lot of appeal to Wyomingites.  The store caters and fits perfectly into the Wyoming lifestyle.  There is only one problem.  Wyoming doesn't have a Cabela's.  Here are 10 reasons why Casper needs a Cabela's.

  1. Many Casper/Wyoming residents already shop at Cabela's, via on-line or traveling out of state to visit a Cabela's store.
  2. Cabela's offers an improved and larger selection of gear that Wyoming folk love to purchase.
  3. Casper is centrally located in Wyoming, making it an easy destination for others in Wyoming to travel to.
  4. (Tying into the last reason) Cabela's is a destination.  If you build it... They will come. That being said, since people will make trips just to for Cabela's, the addition could bring more tourism revenue.
  5. Cabela's caters and  fits perfectly into the Wyoming lifestyle.
  6. Cabela's would bring in many jobs to Casper.
  7. Cabela's offers family fun, for free.  Cabela's has fish tanks and wild animal displays that could fill a museum.  It costs nothing to view all the displays.
  8. Wyoming is surrounded on almost all sides by states that have Cabela's locations.  Why not us?
  9. Cabela's sponsors many hunting and fishing events.  Could possibly bring in more events for Wyomingites to participate in.
  10. Last but not least:  Because Casper wants a Cabela's!
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*Disclaimer*  Of course not everybody supports the addition of Cabela's to Casper idea.   Here are some of the reasons given by those who oppose the idea.

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What do you think?  Would you support or oppose a Cabela's in Casper?  Take the poll and voice your opinion in the comment section below.

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