The Netflix original film Bird Box has been going viral the last few weeks, with everything from the memes to social media video challenges (that aren't safe, so don't try them).

After watching the film a second time, I realized that Casper has a lot in common with the movie. Here are the top 10 reasons.

*WARNING - Spoilers Ahead*


  • 1

    Everyone Is Armed

    No secret here. This has long time been a state wide slogan.

  • 2

    Half The City Drives Like They're Blindfolded

    The is sad, but true... unfortunately. Don't believe me me; take a ride down 2nd Street, Poplar or CY around 5 O'clock on any weekday!

  • 3

    Parents Often Refer To Their Children as "Boy" and "Girl"

    This is mostly due to old age and/or forgetfulness, but I can attest that even I'm guilty of this.

  • 4

    There Are Many Odd Couplings

    The dating scene in good ole Oil City is a lot like the end of the world, so you're liable to see some interesting pairings all over town.

  • 5

    The Wind Blows Like It's Alive

    Is it a nature monster? All things considered, it is a possibility.

  • 6

    There Are Locals That Wouldn't Be Affected

    We have a decent amount of crazy people that welcome this type of "end of days" scenario and are actively planning for it now!

  • 7

    We Could Easily Survive Without Electricity

    In the movie, cell phones and cable television went out almost immediately. We just call that winter... or camping on the mountain, especially if you have AT&T.

  • 8

    Looking Around Makes You Want To Kill Yourself

    Just kidding, but considering how far away we are from anywhere, we've all said that before sarcastically on a long drive.

  • 9

    Grocery Shopping At Wal-Mart On Any Given Day Is Exactly Like The Movie

    This one speaks for itself.

  • 10

    The Problems From The Rest Of The World Eventually Get Here

    In the movie, the epidemic started at other parts of the world before it finally made its way to Northern California (where the film takes place). This is super accurate for us, as it normally takes months, or even years, for the big city problems to make their way here.

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