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    Body Identified as Missing Casper Man Kolton Stoner

    The body of a missing Casper man has been positively identified. 20 yr-old, Kolton Stoner, was found dead near the Split Rock rest stop in western Natrona County.

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    The Award For Dumbest Person on Facebook Goes to This Girl

    I know this is the part when I am supposed to write about the content in this article. But I am rendered speechless after reading this. I don’t even have a witty and/or snarky comment for this picture. Has the education system truly failed this hard?

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    Sexy Halloween Striptease [VIDEO]

    It’s true, Halloween can be more than spooky. For some, Halloween my be totally terrifying… but Halloween can also be SEXY! Check out this spooky, but very sexy Halloween Striptease…

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    Classy Young Fan Gives Foul Ball Back to Crying Little Kid Who Dropped It [VIDEO]

    Ian, a young fan attending an Arizona Diamondbacks game, was ecstatic when a ball tossed into the stands by Milwaukee Brewers’ second baseman Rickie Weeks ended up in his hands.

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    L.A. Traffic Officers Appear in Porn Movie While On Duty

    Two Los Angeles traffic enforcement officers appeared in a porn movie in which they fondled and spanked a naked actress and let her perform a solo sex act in one of their official vehicles.

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    Brazilian Woman Wins Right to Masturbate at Work

    Brazilian woman Ana Catarina Bezerra Silvares has a rare and – and apparently very real – medical condition called “compulsion orgasmic,” which requires her to masturbate up to 47 times a day or suffer from painful consequence.

    Darren McCollester, Getty Images
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    Disney Characters Go Hipster [PHOTOS]

    What do you get when you take a Disney character, throw in some hipster glasses and then mull over a clever caption for hours? Well, frankly, I don’t have anything funny or clever to add. Just look at the pictures.

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    Wife Throws Out First Pitch And Gets Huge Surprise

    This is one of those stories that everyone can feel really good about. Serving in Afghanistan, from the Mississippi National Guard, Major Michael Harlow was able to surprise his wife in a most unexpected way.

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    ALERT – MISSING PERSON: Kolton Stoner

    Kolton Stoner, a 20-year-old man from Casper, Wyoming, has been missing since Thursday afternoon. He was reported missing Friday to Casper police. Kolton drives a silver 2006 Honda CR-V with Wyoming county 15 plates. His vehicle has not been spotted or recovered.

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    Dog Mourns For His Fallen Navy Seal

    I have seen some of the photos of the dog laying at the casket of his fallen owner, a Navy Seal. They have been circulating around the internet, and on the news. As both a patriot, and dog lover, it just breaks my heart. This is Hawkeye, and he let his feelings be known to all at the funeral of his owner, Navy Seal Petty Officer Jon T. Tumlinson.

    Lisa Pembleton/The Blaze