There is some great history here in Wyoming, but it seems it's one of those states people don't know anything about and forget that it even exists.

Not sure how that happens. When Wyoming week comes up in history class in school, is everyone out sick?

Wyoming became the 44th State in 1890 and at the end of 2021 has a population of 578,803 Wyomingites. The state is known as the 'Equality State' because it was the first state to allow women to vote, serve on juries and hold public office.

It's pretty evident that Wyomingites aren't upset that many folks don't know much about the state, with comments like:

We're full


Stay away


Keep your California out of my Wyoming


It's fine, we don't need you here


The best place to visit in Wyoming is on the other side of the state line

The fact that some people haven't learned to pick up a map, looked at a globe or even googled Wyoming, is mind boggling. Last year was a record breaking year in Wyoming's tourism industry. The largest amount of tourists ever visited Yellowstone National Park, with over 4,472,982 through September of 2021. With those kinds of numbers you'd sure think that at least some of them would've researched or at least noticed some things.

We have been keeping track of some of the most "interesting" awful myths that folks from Wyoming have heard from others, when they were on vacation, at their out of state jobs or living in a different state.

15 Outrageous Wyoming Myths That People In The US Think Are True

It's really interesting how many people in the U.S. have no clue about Wyoming. The less they know, the better off we are, BUT these actual misconceptions about Wyoming are just ludicrous. Hard to believe these 15 came out of someone's mouth.

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