The holiday shopping season is upon us again, and with Black Friday on its way, shoppers are keeping an eye on the best deals. Unfortunately, these deals are often in limited supply. Here's a list of items that may require physical force to obtain.


  • 1

    Keurig Machine

    Keep your family members and coworkers from punching each other out for making the coffee flavor that only they like. The Keurig allows for multiple coffee drinkers in one household (or workplace) to make coffee to their personal preference, or to not drink coffee at all for those that prefer hot chocolate or tea.

  • 2

    Smart R2-D2

    Use The Force to move other shoppers out of the way of this hot ticket item. The smart R2-D2 is a must for any home with "Star Wars" fans, young and old. Users can send R2-D2 on routes and help him play and dance to music through an app that can be downloaded to your mobile device.

  • 3

    NES Classic Edition Entertainment System

    After you punch out someone at the store, go home and play Punch Out on the NES Classic Edition Entertainment System. Good luck finding one though, as the item has sold out at multiple outlets online and in store.

  • 4


    Regarded by many as 2016's Furby, the Hatchimals have been selling like hotcakes since their release last month. Kids everywhere are clamoring for their chance to hatch one of these toys. If you see one, you may just have to crack someone else over the head to score it.

  • 5

    Peace and Quiet

    As an item not sold in stores or online, this addition to the list may sound like cheating. After a long and arduous day of Black Friday shopping though, many shoppers will do anything for the opportunity to kick back and enjoy a hot beverage of their choice from their hard won Keurig machine.

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