Online shopping is taking over the entire world! It's true there once was a time when people actually left their houses to look for Christmas gifts. You know, back before the internet and online shopping.

Thanks to our friends at Wallethub we actually have a list of some of the best places in town to go to if you're not doing any online shopping. Going through the list I found a lot of places had actually gone out of business but there are still a handful of places that are open for business this holiday season.

Not to mention some pretty good deals.

1st on the list is Jcpenney up at the mall. Wallethub says you are will find some great deals and it's one of the retailers that have discounts up to 60%. Like I said, not too bad, right?

2nd up is Kohls they are right behind Jcpenneys with 57% discounted items.

3rd is Dicks Sporting Goods. it would be a great time to gear up for some of those summertime activities or if you've got a kiddo going into sports next year at school.

4th is for all the tech that you could imagine. That's right, Best Buy will, of course, be the best place in town to find that 75-inch T.V. of course, you'll need the wall space for a tv that size.

5th is one of my all-time favorite places to shop. It's Harbor Freight in the sunrise shopping center. According to Wallethub, you'll be able to find all the tools you can imagine this holiday season at the best prices.

Oh, and here's a break down of the best discounts per category.

Source: WalletHub

Happy holidays and happy shopping.

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