Here is how we see "honorary," for Wyomingites, since these favorites aren't really from The Cowboy State:

1. Theodore Roosevelt ... (And he has to be our number one.) It was as president, in 1903, "Teddy" came for his first visit. 16 days were spent in Yellowstone, joined by wildlife writer John Burroughs, the Park Superintendent, and a small escort. His speeches were passionate about not just hunting, but about developing western land. He was a cowboy deep at heart.

2. Ernest Hemingway  ... In 1928, after the success of "The Sun Also Rises," he made his first trout fishing trip to The Big Horns. It had Mr. Hemingway hooked on Wyoming, where he wrote "For Whom the Bell Tolls." He wrote to a friend, “This is a cockeyed wonderful country.” Hemingway's trips here would number more than his marriages. "If you want to know about a culture, spend a night in its bars.” ~ Ernest.

3. Harrison Ford  … Wyomingites know not to yell, “Look, it’s Indiana Jones,” since he bought an 800 acre ranch in the Teton range more than 20 years ago, when Jackson Hole was a sleepier town. Mr Ford says, "Being normal is a kind of a victory. I’ll fix a fence, repair a piece of equipment, or plow snow off the driveway. There’s always plenty to do." He didn't mention also volunteering to help search and rescue when a visitor went missing, doing an aerial search in his private helicopter. Some of us say, "He IS a Wyomingite. After more than two decades, when is it no longer just honorary?"

4. Thomas Edison ... In 1878, already famous for the phonograph invention the year before, a friend of Professor Edison's invited him along on a Wyoming expedition to view the solar eclipse. The camera he was trying to develop didn't work in our temps, but Edison came up with his idea for the filament light bulb here, and Laramie would eventually light up like a gem. Thus the nick name, “Gem City of the Plains.”

5. Sandra Bullock ... What state wouldn’t adopt Sandra, if only for part of the year?

Bonus 6th and 7th choices: Reba McIntyre and Cowboy's Coach Craig Bohl?

And if you'd like to go on adding more names that you'd call "Honorary" Wyomingites, we'd love to see them, in the comments just below and to the far right.

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