Actor and comedian Nick Kroll recently shared an awesome story about meeting Harrison Ford while working a normal, blue-collar job in Dubois, Wyoming.

The story (obviously) took place prior to Nick's stardom, but a recent second encounter with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones megastar prompted him to share the experience with his social media following

Nick posted the photo on his official Facebook page along with the following message:

When I was 18 years old, I worked as a dishwasher and busboy at a little restaurant in Dubois, Wyoming. One night, Harrison Ford flew his own plane in from Jackson Hole to eat with his friends at the restaurant and I was asked to pick them up from the airstrip. I talked his ear off. He was incredibly cool and everything you’d want Harrison Ford to be. Today, I met him again at the premiere of #secretlifeofpets2 (he plays a dog named Rooster and I play a evil circus ringmaster named Sergei) and I told him this story. When I mentioned that it felt like I was auditioning for him in that car over 20 years ago he said, “Well, it looks like it worked out.” As always, he was chill AF. It really did work out and I feel incredibly fortunate for all of it.

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