I'm not a native Wyomingite, but I'd like to think I've been adopted. There are a few things I've learned since living in this wonderful community. I'm guessing you will nod your head in agreement to these things every Casperite should know.

How to pronounce CY Ave.

CY Ave is pronounced C. Y. Unlike any navigation system that thinks it is named after a Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson. The avenue namesake is the CY Ranch where the road used to travel.

Knowing how to drive in the snow.

People generally know how to handle snowy and icy roads. No one likes it, but most Casperites can handle it. Now knowing how to use a turn single or double turn lane, that is a different story.

Being able to correctly identify a pronghorn.

People in Casper can easily tell the difference between a deer and pronghorn. Not everyone in town is a hunter, but a basic understanding of our ecosystem is almost second nature.

Know where to find Outer Drive.

Everyone knows where Outer Drive is. Google Maps may call it Wyoming Blvd or Highway 258, but the locals all call it Outer Drive. We took a poll asking which is preferred, and 77% of the votes were for Outer Drive.

Not all cowboys wear hats.

You don't have to wear boots or a cowboy hat to be a cowboy. In Wyoming, we live by The Cowboy Code. It is actually part of our State Constitution. It's all about saying what you do, and doing what you say. That is a way of life that doesn't necessarily require a hat.

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