After being notified by listeners, it is actually the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WyDOT), that handles maintenance and repair of highway roads throughout the state.

Dear City of Casper - Streets Division,

I know it is your job to keep our streets and roads up to par, but lately it seems like you've been reading my mind. Which is to say, you awesome folks have been fixing things before I've even had a chance to complain about them and I am indeed grateful for your hard work.

I often travel that strip of Wyoming Boulevard, commonly known as Outer Drive. During dusk, and honestly, even worse when it's completely dark, the portion between Casper Mountain Road and South Poplar Street was damn near impossible to tell which lane was which. This was particularly dangerous when two vehicles were side by side in that area, for obvious reasons.

Far too many times than I care to admit, I was involved in some near collisions due to neither myself or the vehicle next to me being able to tell which lane we were supposed to be in, because they were multiple road markings overlapping each other and none of them were really clear to the naked eye.

It's worth noting that I have 20/10 vision in both eyes and also have excellent night vision. I said all that to say this: that stretch of road was both horrible and dangerous. It was the epitome of a driving nightmare (as I expressed many times to my children that have the misfortune of riding with me and my road rage).

I now know that I can call you (the Streets Division), at 307-235-8283 to report things of this nature and even have the ability to do it online, but I didn't know that a few weeks ago.

Regardless, I am thankful for your attention to this matter AND it looks so much better. I'm assuming it is much safer too.

Kudos to you, the often unsung heroes, and keep up the good work!


Your friendly neighborhood radio DJ.

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