[VIDEO] This Reminded Me of My First Few Driving Lessons
Now I'm not sure how your first few driving lessons went when you were growing up but mine were less than stellar. It didn't matter who I was driving with it usually ended up with one of my relatives gripping the 'Oh Shit' bar and screaming directions in my ear and WE'RE ALL…
Survey Says We Don't Trust Other Drivers During Winter
Driving during the wintertime is never a fun thing to do. I was recently driving to my apartment from P.V. quite a long drive during the wintertime and even worse at night. The snow was coming down pretty hard and the snowplows hadn't gotten to the roads I was driving on and it made it a very s…
WATCH: Moose Walks Away From a Major Traffic Accident
I was driving on outer drive the other day and noticed quite a few antelope just hanging out and grazing away the day, and for some reason, I just had a split second thought about one of them just darting right in front of my car causing me to hit the poor little guy.

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