Often the driver never gets to enjoy some of Wyoming's most beautiful places, or moments.

That person is too busy trying to keep the vehicle on the road.

The passengers, on the other hand, get to see it all.

Wind River Canyon is one of the most beautiful rivers in the state.

Driving the Wind River Canyon in winter can be a real white-knuckle experience.

So here's a chance for those drivers to enjoy what they usually miss.

The video, below, was posted on the WYDOT Facebook page.

If you're the person at the wheel you would see some of this, but most of the time your eyes would be on the road in front of you.

Notice not just the snow and ice, but the haze caused by the temperature of the river and the air above it.

Okay, let's ramp this up a little.

We'll do another drive through the Wind River Canyon in winter, but let's make it a real white-knuckle drive.

The name of this YouTube page is David Does Stuff.

In the video below Dave takes us through the canyon when it's pure white with fresh snow.

Wind River Canyon in Winter ❄️ is a very beautiful place but it needs to be respected. Cody Wyoming and Yellowstone are favorite destinations for a lot of people and the Wind River Canyon is on the way from most southern locations. If you come in from the north to Yellowstone or Cody Wyoming plan a little extra time for a trip through the Wind River Canyon. (Dave).

Makes you want to take a winter drive, doesn't it?

Hot Air Balloon Threads Wind River Canyon Wyoming

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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