Here is a small piece of information about me, I do not enjoy when cars shut off when you stop.

It drives me up the wall.

My truck doesn't have that feature and if it did, I would turn it off.

The Northwestern Wyoming town of Jackson, is idle free and has been since 2010 . So if you have that feature, you're in the good graces of Jackson. If you're like me, they're probably not too happy when you visit.

According to the town,  if your car is idling longer than 10 seconds, you're wasting fuel, hurting your vehicle and keeping you from warming your car up quicker.

I'm not sure you've ever gotten into your car on a single digit temperature, 12 inches of snow on the ground morning, but It's freaking cold. Interestingly enough, when your car has the idle stop start system and the heater or the air conditioning is on full blast, the system may not work so that your car remains comfortable.

You may be surprised to read that there was an anti-idling law in Wyoming dating way back to 1955. The law said that you couldn't leave your car idling and had to remove the key, if you were on a public road. If you violated this, you could've been fined $200.

Even though Jackson is a no-idle town, they're going to take an educational stance instead of a fine.

This is an effort by the Town of Jackson to encourage residents and visitors to be mindful about their behaviors and to reduce fuel consumption whenever possible.

The Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities Group, which includes local conservation groups, doctors, business owners and citizens, encourages drivers to "Turn the key and be idle free"

How To Make The Town Of Jackson, Wyoming Mad

Here are a couple videos that show whether idle start stop is good, bad or just a pain in the butt to some of us.

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