According to, If you like these brands, you might want to go and get them before COVID-19 finishes them off for good.

Here is a list of brands that COVID is killing:

1. Wheaties Cereal. The cereal has been around since 1924, with our favorite athletes always on the box. But their revenue has taken some serious hits. Wheaties is not dead yet, but fewer and fewer people are eating cereal for breakfast. The brand has taken the worst hit of all during coronavirus.

2. Campbell’s Soup. The brand was once so iconic their soup cans was made into art by Andy Warhol. But if people don't start buying more of it, the brand might go away.

3. True Religion Jeans. They were all the rage for quite a while. But with declining public interest and tough financial times during the pandemic, folks just don't want to pay $150 on jeans.

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4. Subway is closing 1000 stores. There are some restaurants that are having a hard time serving people under COVID-19 rules. Subway is struggling. Lets hope they make it.

5. Budwieser? Really? With so many people saying home, and drinking more, you would think the king of beers would be selling more than ever. But they are down 13% and have actually scaled back operations in Colorado.

6. Jell-O brand is down 26%. Maybe they would be doing better if the lunch lady at school didn't sneak carrot shavings into it.

7. Corona beer. What an unfortunate name to have at this time. 38% of Americans would not drink InBev’s Corona because of the name association.

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