One day.

Twenty-four hours.

That’s how long it took for John, last name Miracle, to live up to his namesake. But that’s exactly what he did after reading that Mimi’s House was seeking $45,000 to open a new boy’s home and they only had a month to gather the funds.

Enter Miracle.

“My wife and I had been having a discussion for the past couple weeks,” Miracle told K2 Radio News. “We’ve got a friend that collects hoodies for kids at school, and while we were talking with her, she had mentioned how many homeless kids there were in this town, which – I had no idea, to tell you the truth. I had no concept of that. So that fact was fresh in my mind and then, lo and behold..."

Lo and behold, Miracle took it upon himself to act — after he talked it over with his wife.

He added: “It became a case of ‘Could we do this?’ Well, I knew we could. Then, it was a quick phone call to my wife, and I asked her, ‘Should we do this?’ And she said ‘Yes, we should.’ So, would we do this? Yes, we will.”

And they did.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda has become an all-too-popular phrase to use in hindsight. But more of us should use it with forethought because, maybe then, the world would be a better place.

That’s what John and Susie Miracle did and, in doing so, they have potentially changed the lives of numerous teenagers throughout the community. And they did so almost as an afterthought. They didn’t overthink it. They just knew, in their hearts, that this was the right thing to do.

“I didn’t wake up Tuesday morning thinking I needed to give away $45,000,” Miracle laughed. “But after speaking with my wife, I called Chastidy [Executive Director of Mimi’s House], who I had never met in my life. And I let her know that her problem was over. Because what they’re doing is incredible. You know, there’s a lot of charity work that goes to things and you don’t know really what it’s exactly going to do. But this? This, I knew what it was going to. It was going to put the roof over the heads of kids in need and it was going to put a meal in their stomachs. And that was more meaningful to us than anything.”

Chastidy Greenwood-Fox, the Executive Director of Mimi’s House, was in tears when she delivered the news.

When reached for comment, Greenwood-Fox said that “We have the best community around, and without their support, support like that from John and Susie Miracle, our program would simply not exist. We can’t thank them, and our community, enough!”

For more information, or to donate to Mimi’s House, visit their website or call  307-251-4065.

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