Yellowstone National Park is full of science and history and the web series 'Awesome Science' hosted by teenager Noah Justice came to Wyoming to check it out and try to convince us all that the years and years of science research is wrong.

Yellowstone is America's first National Park and is full of science. Geysers, wildlife, mountains, hot springs, petrified forests and fossils are just a few of the attractions in Yellowstone that have scientists salivating. With all of those attractions, you have many different types and styles of research that are practiced and some may go to different levels to try and prove their version is more accurate than others.

'Awesome Science' is distributed by The Epoch Times and according to Wikipedia the Epoch Times is a:

 far-right international multi-language newspaper and media company affiliated with the Falun Gong new religious movement. Opposes the Chinese Communist Party, promotes far-right politicians in Europe and has championed President Donald Trump in the U.S.


I find it interesting that they are using a kid for this series to challenge what science has studied for hundreds of years. According to their YouTube page

The Awesome Science series takes kids and adults on a field trip around the world to explore geologic and historical evidence which supports biblical record.

The best part of the United States is that you can collect information, form your own theories and opinions and believe what you want. In this trailer for the Explore Yellowstone episode, young Noah presents the idea that the petrified forest wasn't actually formed the way science says and that Yellowstone Canyon wasn't made over thousands of years but by catastrophic processes.

Watching this trailer, you can tell that Noah probably didn't do all the research that is provided, but is a little more appealing to the younger generation. If you are curious and want to watch the whole episode, it is available but you'll have to create an account to continue to watch.

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