Wyoming's got 3 food groups. Red meat, potatoes, and booze. So when I came across this study that said we need to cut down on our red meat consumption I almost died of laughter. We will not be doing that despite what some study has to say.

None the less I thought I could share the info with you from our friends at Ladders.com. 

Okay, so here's the breakdown, they had a test pool of 81,000 people. (Men & Women) and studied their diet over an 8 year period. With some of them eating higher concentrations of processed red meat, and others increasing their consumption of things like nuts, fish, eggs, dairy. You know, the gross stuff.

Pretty much if you are increasing your red meat intake by half a serving a day, you have a 13% chance of dying up to 8 years earlier. But, if you cut that in half you may live up to 8 years longer just as long as you replace it with the right stuff. (eggs, dairy, blah, blah, blah)

So those are the main points but for me personally, I'd rather enjoy the red processed meats and die 8 years earlier. I believe most Wyomingites would agree. The cowboy state just loves our steaks and beef.

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