Do you think that you are a cat whisperer? I'll admit that I've always had a fondness for cats and always connected with them and then I got my little kitty Boo 17 years ago and I always felt that I knew what he was thinking for the most part and always had an idea of what he wanted from me throughout the years.

Thanks to a new study published by it looks like I may have been right all these years about my cat whispering skills.

Now the study does say that just because you are a cat person doesn't mean you have the skills to read feline faces. In fact, most people who were deemed cat whisperers, for the most part, were not overly fond of cats. Not to mention a lot of the people who were studied and deemed cat whisperers were actually women. But that doesn't just go for being able to read none verbal cues in cats but in dogs and people as well.

Way to go ladies. You are way more observant than us men!

You can also take a little quiz that they put together to see if you are in fact a cat whisperer. I don't like to brag but I got 87%. Good luck.

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