Surely you know that Wyoming has the Cowboy Coaster at the Snow King Mountain Resort in Jackson, but did you know that it's still operational during the winter time. I didn't either, but it looks like it would be a great time.

It's rare that outdoor theme parks in areas that have a snowy winter, have their roller coasters open. Here in Wyoming, we do things a little differently than other places and we love that about the Cowboy State.

As a matter of fact, you can go to Snow King Mountain Resort today as long as it's not bad weather and hop on the Cowboy Coaster. According to the resorts website, the coaster zooms around at 25 mph, takes close to 15 minutes including the ride up the mountain and the ride down. The ride down is almost a mile long and the is about the same as riding down a 45-story building.

Looking at the prices, there are different packages available and it looks like an affordable afternoon for the family if you're in the area. You can ski, tube and ride the Cowboy Coaster all day for one price.

If you're not into 'Winter Sports', when you're in Jackson during the warmer summer months there are also full day passes available that gets you and the family a full day of action too.

In this video (which was taken during the snow in March), you can see the rider cruising down the hill braving the cold to show how wild it is to ride down the Cowboy Coaster in the snow.


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