Everyone is handling the change in their life schedules a little differently. Some people are less busy than they're used to and are changing their health, adding hobbies, or expanding their knowledge. Others (myself included) have less time than normal and are adjusting their lives accordingly: maybe being a little less active, different eating habits, an inconsistent sleep schedule, anything.

What I could not have expected is that I'd spend so much time finding my inner self by taking completely illegitimate, nonsense quizzes - although more than a couple have actually been rooted in psychological fact and analysis. Those are the worst.

So if you're in the mood for a mental break - like I find myself needing every day or maybe every few hours - here's a masterpost with some of the most random quizzes myself and a couple unfortunate friends have subjected themselves to, all for the sake of distraction during plague times. Just watch out - some are aimless nonsense to laugh with your friends about, some of them are a little intense and maybe too introspective...

A basic start - what kind of animal are you? (actually pretty good answers to this; it started our Quiz Journey)

What kind of witch are you? A classic for all ages. I am, unsurprisingly, a kitchen witch.

Which celebrity's chaotic energy do you match? A personal fave. I absolutely want to have the same vibes as Jake Gyllenhaal.

Which planet are you? Based on absolutely nothing to do with planets.

Now let's change gears, and figure out how much darker your personality is than the average person's.

And finally, the quiz that ruined my week, and the week of everyone I insisted on sharing it with. Ennegram types. Think Meyers-Briggs but easier and simultaneously more intense. I'm an 8. Do with that what you will.

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