I love roller coasters. That being said, I can honestly say this one looks very scary.

During my daily Twitter browsing, I came across the video (shown below) of a roller coaster built into a mountain with some of the most beautiful scenery I'd ever seen. I had to do some research to find where it was located. While I hoped it was somewhere in North America (I really hoped it was either in Wyoming or Colorado), I found out this particular monstrosity is located in Switzerland is called The Gelmerbahn (also known as The Gelmer Funicular).

The Gelmerbahn in the canton of Bern is the steepest funicular in Switzerland and Europe. It was originally built to facilitate the construction of the Gelmersee, a reservoir, constructed in 1926 in order to exploit the hydroelectric resources of the area and was not opened for public use until 2001.

The video has been shared over 1300 times on Twitter (via CCTV IDIOTS) and a lot of people were wondering about the song being played in the background. Wonder no longer! The song is called ILY (I Love You Baby) by Surf Mesa featuring Emilee Flood. If the melody sounds familiar, it's because it samples the classic 1967 hit, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Valli.

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