You don't have to be a lover of hunting, outdoors, animals or wide open spaces to be affectionate toward Wyoming. Science is also well represented here in the Cowboy State. Just looking at all the different landscapes you'll see is all the proof you'll need to know that science plays a major role of the state.

If you LOVE science there are many locations you can dig at dinosaur digs, many museums you can explore, there are rock formations, canyons, Hell's Half Acre (use in Sci-Fi Movie), geysers, sulfur pools & pits and there are airstrips that can be used by the citizens of Jupiter if they're trying to escape their planet...Um, excuse me? Say what?

The 'Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport' is open for business if you're from Jupiter and need a spot to land here on earth! This small airstrip is about 5 miles south of Green River, Wyoming and has been open since 1963. It has only been known as the 'Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport' since 1994 when the Green River city council wanted to double down on the "Equality State" slogan. The council put out an invite to any citizen of the planet Jupiter letting them know that they are welcome to use the Spaceport as a landing spot in Earth. NASA put out the information that in 1992 a comet broke up and debris from from the comet was impacting with Jupiter and if they needed to escape, they had a place to land.

spaceport map
Google Maps

There was never any confirmed reports that the Spaceport was ever used by anyone/thing from Jupiter, but it has been used as a training site by The Wyoming Army National Guard 133rd Unit. The Unit builds runways when on deployment and used the strip to brush up on their runway building skills.

As you can see from these videos, there isn't much around the Green River Intergalactic Spaceport making it ideal for Jupiter landings...It's also pretty rough as you can tell from the 2nd video.

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