After I read this study from I got really sad and started reflecting on my own family and how much time we spend a week talking to one another and communicating face to face every week. In all fairness, we are all adults with full-time jobs and don't live in the same house so we spend a lot less time having face to face family time.

But I know that my nephews spend a lot more time in front of TVs and playing video games and stuff that I just didn't do a whole lot as a child. I spent more time hanging out with my friends and getting picked on by my siblings.

But according to this survey, they found that parents are having a hard time spending time with their kiddos without the use of technology.

My solution to that is to tell your kids to stop using their gadgets and spend time with the family. I think it's that simple but in all fairness I'm not a parent and let's be honest, being an uncle is super easy.

Also, I don't think this is as big of an issue in Wyoming as it probably is in other states. We still go outside from time to time here in the good old cowboy state.

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