Every time Casper (as well as the rest of the state), has a significant drop in temperature and/or we get a decent amount of snow, social media becomes a "let's all complain about Wyoming free for all".

Having been born in here, in October no less and spending the majority of my life in states equally as cold this time of year (or colder in some cases; see also Flint, Michigan), I am pretty well acclimated to winter temperatures. Maybe this is why the complaints always seem redundant. I get it, if you're fairly new to the area, than the freezing seasonal temperatures can be a shock. However, if you've lived here more than a year, than this is nothing new to you. Which brings me to the point of why is there so much complaining... annually?

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I 100% understand that not everyone is a fan of the cold. I personally hate being hot (which makes me an exception to the African-American stereotype of my people enjoying tropical temperatures), but I also don't enjoy the temp falling below the mid-20s. My preferred optimal comfort zone is anywhere between 45° - 70°. That a big range, but I will never complain period in that area.

My issue has always been that EVERYONE knows Wyoming is cold in the winter, so why complain? We all know there are basically have two seasons: winter and construction.

But you have options. Either move somewhere warmer or deal with it. I mean, those are literally your only two options (other than maybe death, but I'm trying not to be that morbid).

I love Casper. It's a safe place to raise children,  there are awesome outdoor events that you can enjoy year round (at least when's there's not a global pandemic going on), and it's just big enough to have some of the bigger city amenities, without the drawbacks, like traffic or crime.

All in all, nine months of sporadic weather, that can change at the drop of a hat, is a small price to pay for all of the positive aspects. I said all that to say this, they're your social media accounts, so you have the right and free speech to post whatever you choose, but please, for my sake, don't diss our wonderful city and state. Pretty please?!

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