After living in Casper for over 20 years, I finally experienced my first drastic difference in weather between Casper city limits and what was happening on Casper Mountain.

The date in question was last Friday (April 29th, 2022).

It's worth noting a few things:

  1. Yes, I was born in Casper, but left at the age 5, so well before I was old enough to drive.
  2. Yes, I have driven on the mountain before during less than idea conditions, but this was the first time it was fairly warm in town and freezing at Hogadon.
  3. This was my first time attempting this feat at night, which if you have never driven it before, is terrifying during a snow storm.
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What was I doing on the mountain?

I was deejaying a prom for one of the area's smaller schools. I had gone up earlier in the afternoon to setup. While it was slightly cooler high atop Casper Mountain, it wasn't a drastic difference (yet anyway). There was even some slight snow build up, but again, nothing alarming.

I finished my setup and went home to change into proper attire. By the time I got back up the mountain, it was a little cooler, but still nothing to be alarmed about. By about 8:00 pm though, it was vastly different story.

I was semi-afraid and extra cautious.

I don't scare easily (usually), but I when visibility is low, the roads are slick, and the fear of sliding off a mountain is constantly in the back of your mind, you are more careful. I made sure my phone was nowhere within eyesight and made sure my 4-wheel drive was on.

It wasn't my worst Wyoming driving experience (matter of fact, it doesn't even crack my top ten), it is up there. I've heard from friends how drastically different the weather can be from the mountain to the city, but that was my first time experiencing it firsthand, and I must admit, I wasn't prepared mentally.

I will definitely pay closer attention to the weather reports in the future.

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