The Wyoming temperatures have warmed up a smidge since the Christmas break, but that was after a winter storm wrecked havoc across much of the state.

A new video shows what appears to be a more scary version of the movie Twister. The footage shows what the National Weather Service called an intense convective snow band, which hit the small town of Grover, Wyoming. The original video was shared by Roy Nelson.

The awesome video footage has been shared by numerous news and weather outlets, including a Twitter account owned by Nashville meteorologist, Nash Rhodes. He shared the video along with a caption that read:

Wow! This fast-moving snowstorm created whiteout conditions as it consumed Grover, Wyoming this afternoon! 🌨Warning sign

Video sent in by: Roy Nelson

#weather #stormhour #snow #wywx

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The National Weather Service also stated that visibility was less than a quarter of a mile and wind speeds were in excess of 30 to 40 miles per hour.

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