In a video series celebrating Americans, it's way cool one episode is about a Wyoming couple. Tim and Debbie Bishop took severe punches, including the loss of a child, but never threw in the towel.

AMERICAN DOERS is a 12-part series on It premiered in early November, featuring "innovators, and risk-takers." The producers were out to prove that despite all the negative news, America is still the land of opportunity. The first three in the series were good, but check out story number four.

Maybe you already know of the gorgeous Medicine Bow Lodge. This is about the owners and managers, Tim and Debbie Bishop. They weren't born and raised here, but always dreamed about moving to Wyoming, which they did after some hardships, and one awful tragedy. What they say about never giving up is simple and refreshing.

By the way, James Marshall is the host who says, "I'm a Brit who fell in love with America." Wyomingites may also find that refreshing.

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