Bindi Irwin was just eight years old when her father Steve Irwin, the "Crocidile Hunter," was stung and killed by a stingray in 2006.

It has been tough, however Bindi has been sharing her memories of growing up the daughter of the Australian wildlife expert.

Bindi reveals to People.com that her dad's tragic passing still haunts her. She explains, "I remember after we lost dad, so many adults came up to me and said, 'Honey, time heals all wounds.'  That is the biggest lie you will ever hear. It doesn't. That kind of sadness never goes away. It's like losing a piece of your heart that you never get back."


The 16 year old and her brother Robert have a specific way to determine how much they've grown over the eight year span without their dad.

She says sometimes she and her brother Robert visit the handprints their father left in concrete outside the family's home at the Australia Zoo.  Bindi explains, "We'll put our hands in them, just to see how they've grown and how they match up to dad's.”

Bindi keeps her father's memory alive by continuing his work, and working as a youth ambassador with SeaWorld. She also keeps the letters her father wrote close by.

  Bindi says, "Reading those letters back is special. I'm grateful he wrote them. Those little things remind you of him and give you strength to keep going."


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