I've made mention MANY times that one of my favorite parts of Nashville is the songwriters. Without those that have the ability to pour their hearts and souls out on paper, we wouldn't have music. It's fantastic knowing that one of the best Nashville songwriters, lives right here in Wyoming.

I lived in Nashville and try to visit as much as possible and every time I'm there, I find a songwriter event to attend. All of the songs you hear on the radio started as a thought that was written on a shred of paper, as a memo in a phone or in a notebook full of ideas & stories.

Skip Ewing is one of those artists that has poured his thoughts and feelings out of a pen or keyboard for many years, and has #1 songs to show for it. I can only imagine the incredible feeling it would be to hear your words and story coming out of the speakers while listening to your favorite radio station.

Skip 1
Skip Ewing via YouTube

Skip has had a long list of his songs sung by artists you know and love. Like, Zac Brown Band, Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Collin Raye, Diamond Rio, Willie Nelson, Reba and The King himself, George Strait. That's a nice list of names, right?

Just like many in the music industry, Skip has moved around a bit and now calls Wyoming home. I can tell you from experience that moving to this state will immediately begin inspiring you and giving you a sense of creativeness that you've never felt before. When you fully embrace Wyoming, you can find your inspiration in many different places.

Skip Whiskey
Skip Ewing via YouTube

Not only is Skip one of the great songwriters in the music business, but he's a singer as well. Over the years he released his own projects and has had many songs on the charts. Then after moving here, he set out on a mission to create new music for himself.

Skips says on his website

 “I started writing the album in 2018. At the time, I didn’t know if I’d ever do another music project"

What happened next was truly magic only found in 'Wyoming'.

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