Below you can watch a very interesting video about the biggest mountains on the planet that humans have never climbed.

The video begins by saying,

"There are many places human beings have never been. Most of the ocean. Mars, Jupiter, the expansive void of space ----  WYOMING!"

I heard it on a Youtube video, so it must be true!

To be fair, for people who have never been to Wyoming, arriving here for the first time can very much be like a trip to Mars or any of these other places mentioned.

For example, here is a picture of the red planet we call Mars.

Stocktrek Images
Stocktrek Images

Here is a picture of the Red Desert of Wyoming.


Any questions?

So why pick on Wyoming in the video? That shot came out of nowhere.

Here is the video so you can see and hear for yourself. The comment comes in the first 8 seconds of the video, so it's easy to find. After that Wyoming is never mentioned again.

Here is the video that I am talking about.

GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) — To live in Wyoming is to face a fundamental existential question: Does the state exist and if not, what does that mean for those who live here?

Much like Shakespeare’s famous rhetorical “to be, or not to be,” residents of an assumed state may exist on an unconscious level. But does that assumption hold when applied to an entire state?

So some people think we do not exist at all. Some think we do but it's just that nobody has ever been there.

Have you ever been to Wyoming?


Do you know anyone from Wyoming?

No …

Then it must not exist.

Wyoming deniers

The TV show Outer Range gives us the idea that perhaps Wyoming is just a porthole to another time.

I'm good with that theory.

Marvel At Wyoming's View Of The Aurora Borealis


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