Let me preface this by saying jealously is probably a big part of why I think this should be a thing (and start immediately), but also, why not?

I spend a fair amount of time on YouTube on daily basis and after a recent "Wyoming" search, I found that not one, but two of our wonder towns have 24-hour live web cam feed: Jackson and Laramie.

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One of these live streams is YouTube channel called "See Jackson Hole". I was shocked to find out that their channel actually hosts more than one camera angle of the city. There are numerous ones! I actually got to thirty before I stopped counting. I couldn't believe they have that many live streaming web cams AND there are literally people watching every single one of them!

The other live web cam channel is "Visit Laramie". It only has the one camera and it's of downtown Laramie.

I'm only guessing, but it seems like the initial setup would be the most difficult part. Other than picking where to install the camera and maybe checking on it "if" it were to go down, it should pretty easy. The feeds themselves seem to be pretty low maintenance.

My votes for camera locations are:

  • Somewhere Downtown
  • The Intersection of 2nd Street and Wyoming Boulevard
  • The Intersection of CY and Wyoming Boulevard
  • The Intersection of CY and Poplar

This was just a random thought of the day and I thought it would be cool. I'm actually shocked Wyoming's two largest city's (Cheyenne and Casper), don't already one.

Until we do, you can check out Jackson's and Laramie's below.

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