The Wyoming Legislature is now examining its own version of a well-known proposal that has sparked controversy across the country.

A measure introduced Wednesday in the Wyoming House of Representatives would make it a crime for anyone to use a public restroom or changing room that is not designated for that person's sex.

House Bill 244 doesn't stop at saying people must use the bathroom for the gender with which they identify -- it would restrict facility use based upon "the person's sex identified at birth by the person's anatomy."

The bill is sponsored by two Republicans: Rep. Lars Lone of House District 12 in Laramie County and Rep. Mark Jennings of House District 30 in Sheridan County.

Exceptions are included for certain people who would perform maintenance as well as medical personnel, those accompanying a person who needs assistance in using the facility, or when the bathroom or facility has been temporarily designated for use by that person's sex.

According to the bill's fiscal note, the fiscal or personnel impact is "not determinable due to insufficient time to complete the fiscal note process."

Should it become law, the measure would take effect July 1.

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