As fans mourn the loss of legendary 'Batman' actor Adam West, here's a look back at one of his earlier roles, when he played the Sheriff of Casper, Wyoming, in the 1965 Three Stooges movie "The Outlaws Is Coming".

In the film, West was cast as a Boston-based magazine editor researching a buffalo slaughter in the area. After some training from a character named Annie Oakley, West becomes a sharpshooter and takes on the role of the town sheriff.

Along the way, West's character gets some help from the Three Stooges, Moe Howard, Larry Fine and "Curly Joe" DeRitta, who sneak into the camp of the bad guys and glue their guns to their holsters, forcing the gang of outlaws to surrender.

The film went on to earn $1 million at the box office; a hefty sum in that era. Sadly, it was the final theatrical release for the Stooges. Luckily, it was the first of many high-profile projects for West.



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