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Ten Legendary Actors Who Made Movies in Wyoming [VIDEO]
Over the years, many legendary movies have been filmed, set or based in the great state of Wyoming. Here's a look back at ten of the greatest actors who have depicted the Cowboy State on the big screen.
1. Robert Redford - Redford has appeared in, at least, three movies set in Wyoming, including…
The Night Christopher Walken Bellied Up to the Bar in Wyoming
I recently heard an amazing story about the night Christopher Walken bellied up to the bar at the Hitching Post in Cheyenne.
It was the spring of 1979 and Walken had recently won an Academy Award for his role in The Deer Hunter.
The actor had just been cast to play Nate Champion in the film Heave…
Christmas Movies Filmed in Wyoming
'Tis the season for Christmas movies. As we gear up for the holidays, here's a look back at three Christmas classics that were filmed right here in the great state of Wyoming.
Down the Wyoming Trail - This 1939 film starred country music singer and western actor Tex Ritter, who worked in a …
Wyoming's Scariest Movies
When you think about Wyoming movies, old westerns typically come to mind.
While the Cowboy State has inspired many tales of rugged, frontier justice, it’s also been the setting for some terrifying science fiction thrillers and horror films...

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