One morning a family found their hummingbird feeder lying in the yard. When they looked at security camera video, they learned exactly who it was that was responsible when they saw a huge paw appear on the footage.

Gotta appreciate this bear for how gentle he tried to be with this hummingbird feeder. "Tried" is the key word.

My mother-in-law loves hummingbirds. She used to have feeders in her yard. They are more or less sugar-water. That's code for "bear snack opportunity". Bear Smart Durango has a neat article about why you probably don't want to put a hummingbird feeder in your yard if you live in bear country. A regular size feeder has several hundred calories of sweet water which means bears approve of this as something they can vanquish. They mention that if you manage your garbage right and remove bird feeders, you've just greatly reduced your chance of attracting a bear to your yard.

All hope is not lost if you really want a hummingbird feeder, but don't want bears. Backyard Chirper (great site name) recommends mounting them on tall metal poles and putting cayenne pepper in the feed. That doesn't bother the birds, but will discourage a bear that tries to snack on it. The pole idea doesn't always work as I've seen some bears do amazing gymnastic moves to get to the feeder on a pole. It's not exactly breaking news, but bears will do just about anything for food.

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