Yellowstone has become one of the most popular shows on television these days. We've shared information about official casting calls for the show, but be aware that there are some fake ones happening right now also.

If you want the official word on Yellowstone casting calls, be sure to follow Yellowstone Montana Extras on Facebook. They recently shared news that a fake casting call by a non-official company had just taken place. Here's part of what they mentioned on Facebook:

We have received a few emails regarding an audition last night in Kalispell. Some were told or emailed from this company Next star(we believe) that they were casting or had something to do with our show Yellowstone. They DO not.

There was a request for extras for a protest scene this week, but weather apparently had other plans.

As we recently shared, a friend of an extra shared potential season 4 spoilers. Some pics have surfaced on Reddit that seem to confirm those rumors.

If you're interested in road-tripping to Missoula to try and make it on the show, be sure to follow Yellowstone Montana Extras on Facebook for filming updates. Who knows? Maybe you'll be sharing screen time with Kevin Costner and the other stars of Yellowstone in season 4.

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