Billy Corgan has posted the first episode of his current "Thirty Days" project, starting a road trip across the United States that promises to include new music for fans.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman announced his plans several days ago via Facebook, admitting that while he didn't really have a strict itinerary for the journey, he had a creative destination firmly mapped out. "There will be new musical pieces, interviews with people," said Corgan. "We're gonna try to document this journey and try to come up with some sort of collective vision."

The road trip serves as a sort of umbrella for three projects Corgan's pursuing, the first of which is a 50-song overview of favorite songs from his back catalog as he approaches his 50th birthday on March 17. "Not necessarily my greatest songs," he cautioned, "because obviously opinions differ on those, but maybe a sort of personal reflection."

Additionally, Corgan's working on an album of covers, which he predicts will ultimately contain 10 to 12 tracks, as well as a solo outing of new material, which he's recording with producer Rick Rubin at the boards. With the new solo LP still in its formative stages, he warned fans that he "won't necessarily" post works in progress, but he does intend to "at least talk about some of the process involved."

In terms of his travel route, Corgan's leaving the details largely up in the air. "Last time I kinda just took Route 66 and headed west," he shrugged. "This time we're really gonna go all over ... I think we’ll probably go to the Carolinas at some point, maybe down to Louisiana, across Texas ... visit some of my conspiratorial friends."

Corgan's "Thirty Days" journey starts in the episode embedded above, titled "Day Zero," which includes a visit to DJ Mancow Muller during his show on Chicago's WLUP. Keep an eye on the Smashing Pumpkins Facebook page for future updates along the way.

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