Not since Gilligan and the Skipper commandeered the S.S. Minnow has a small boat ride gone so wrong.

A man from New Zealand named Kieran Wisdom posted this video on Facebook of him driving a boat that he steered full-speed into a pole that sits in the Grey River for reasons that remain unclear.

Look at all the water he had to navigate and somehow he managed to go right into the pole. It's ironic because there was a boatload of water (pun intended) in front and around him, yet he found a way to plow headfirst into the pole.

Wisdom is not totally to blame, since he had steering problems all day that he thought had passed. "I thought it was all over, it all just sort of happened," he said. "It was the last one of the day and it all turned to custard."

Amazingly, Wisdom only suffered a cut on his foot.

Still, he may have had fill of the boat. He repaired it with some duct tape and has put it up for sale. For his sake, he'd better hope prospective buyers don't see this video because it's clearly to their benefit when it comes time to negotiate.

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