The new "slick top” Wyoming Highway Patrol cars are now being implemented, but a lot of Cowboy State residents are upset over the vehicles.

Although the need for these vehicles to be stealthy is understandable, some people are concerned that their appearance is more of a way to sneak up on unsuspecting drivers.

The argument has been made that police vehicles in other countries are brightly colored and easier to see in an effort to make drivers aware of their presence and to assist in their hazardous duties, like France and Germany for instance (see below).

AFP/Getty Images
A Corvette C7 stingray police show car during the Reifen
LightRocket via Getty Images

WHP has stated that although the vehicles are designed to be more subdued, they are still clearly identifiable as WHP patrol vehicles and will be used to help identify distracted driving, impaired driving, and also to increase the WHP’s criminal interdiction efforts in areas such as human and contraband trafficking.

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