Law enforcement and community leaders will gather in Casper in two weeks to find solutions to the area's methamphetamine problem.

Methamphetamine, however is not the only drug problem plaguing the Natrona County community, according to Casper Police Lt. Ben Mattila.

"In the last couple years we have seen a large influx of Colorado Marijuana," Mattila said. "In the last couple years we've seen an influx of heroin. Our opiod addiction problem is still very much prevalent in the community with our officers responding to several different heroin overdoes."

To combat the problem, the Casper Police Department began holding a methamphetamine and substance abuse conference. The event is aimed at educators, mental health professionals and healthcare providers.

Wyoming Meth Project executive director Jean Davies said the event evolved from simply focused on methamphetamine to one that encompasses all illegal drug use.

This year marks the 16th conference.

"We established the Wyoming Meth Project and kept going with the conference every year," Davies said. "As time went on, we saw so many substances used in the committing of crime and people losing their children."

This year's conference is scheduled for April 10 and 11 at the Ramkota Hotel in Casper. It will feature several speakers who are experts in drug abuse. the conference is aimed at law enforcement, social workers, educators and healthcare professionals.

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