You may have seen the meme (pictured below) making its rounds on social media the last few weeks. There are a few slightly different variations, but the one thing that they all share in common is that men only effectively wash a few areas of the body.

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I have seen several of my female friends comically sharing this. While for the most part, I'm pretty sure it was all in jest, after reading some comments, a lot of the Casper ladies actually believe we men don't know how to properly bathe.

While the red areas are most often the funkiest areas of the male anatomy (ladies, ya'll too actually), it is totally asinine to think we men don't thoroughly wash ourselves. Boys don't like to bathe, at least not until they discover girls, but men already know that the ladies don't want a stinky companion. My point is, there's a big difference between boys and men.

I'd also like add that feet should be in that red area too. Men work hard and our feet sweat just as much as our armpits (or is that just me?).

The meme is funny. I giggled when I saw it, but ladies, know the difference between a joke and facts. We Wyoming men make sure our hygiene is on point.

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