A man was arrested Thursday morning after allegedly hitting a woman and trying to keep her from calling police.

Steven T. Gilmore, 37, was booked on charges of domestic battery and interference with an emergency call.

Court documents say police went to a home on Maple Street at about 10:30 a.m. Thursday after a report of a man and woman fighting. The man, identified as Gilmore, had reportedly left the scene in an orange Camaro.

A group of people told officers that the Camaro had pulled up and parked in front of the house with Gilmore and the victim arguing inside, so loudly that the argument could be heard inside the house.

The group reportedly saw Gilmore hit the victim multiple times in the face with an open hand.

Witnesses said the victim then tried to get out of the car. As she did so, the Camaro moved forward and then backward. The momentum of the car's movement caused the door to hit the victim, and she fell back into the vehicle, according to an affidavit.

A woman who had been inside the house asked the victim if she should call police, and the victim reportedly said 'yes.'

The victim reportedly told police that she and Gilmore had gotten into an argument at the home of Gilmore's friend in Bar Nunn. As the argument turned physical, and the victim eventually tried to walk to Casper.

She walked for a short distance before Gilmore drove up and picked her up in the Camaro. The victim asked to be taken to her friend's house on Maple Street.

Gilmore asked the victim if she was going to call police, according to court documents. The victim said she did plan to call police, and Gilmore allegedly began to drive erratically.

Charging papers say Gilmore refused to take the victim to her friend's house. He reportedly stopped the car multiple times in downtown Casper before arriving at the home on Maple Street.

Upon arrival, Gilmore allegedly tried to take the victim's cell phone because she planned to call police. He reportedly refused to give it back and tried to force her out of the car without her phone.

The pair began screaming and hitting each other inside the car, court documents say.

Gilmore eventually gave the victim's phone back to her.

The victim told officers she had been dating Gilmore for about two years and had been abused roughly 20 times prior to the incident on Thursday. She had reportedly filed for a court order against Gilmore.

Officers arrested Gilmore at his lawyer's office and took him to the Natrona County Detention Center.

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