The Natrona County Sheriff's Office is warning area residents about a recurring and poplar scam of people posing as deputies, calling, and soliciting money, Sheriff's Investigations Sgt. Taylor Courtney said in a news release Friday.

The scammer tells the resident that they have a warrant and tells them to send money to avoid being arrested.

The scammer often will instruct the citizen to buy a prepaid credit card, load it with money, and send the scammer the code for them to access the money.

"The Natrona County Sheriff's Office will NEVER solicit money from anyone over the phone," Courtney said.

Besides not soliciting money, the sheriff's office will not threaten someone over the phone, he added.

If any residents receive such a call and believe it to be a scam, hang up and call the sheriff's office at (307) 235-9282 before considering sending any money.

"We will quickly inform you if you are being scammed," Courtney said. "Please do not ever send money over the phone to someone claiming to be in law enforcement. This is a scam 100% of the time.'

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