A Casper man was arrested Saturday after he allegedly eluded a police officer.

Richard Montreal Smith, 28, was arrested on recommended charges of driving under the influence, driving under suspension, eluding, open container in a motor vehicle and interference.

According to an arrest affidavit, Casper police received an anonymous report that a grey jeep was parked at a gas station with two males inside it drinking from a bottle of whiskey. The anonymous caller also provided the Jeep's license plate number.

When a police officer made it to the area, he was unable to find the Jeep. The officer ran the Jeep's license plate number and headed toward the registered owner's address.

The police officer later observed the Jeep traveling northbound on South Beverly Street near Sweetwater Drive. Smith was driving.

Smith turned left onto East 17th Street without using his turn signal. The officer turned on his police lights and attempted to stop the Jeep. Smith, however, continued driving and eventually turned south onto South Nebraska Street. Despite the officer having his lights and siren on, Smith continued driving and was seen looking at the police car in his side view mirror several times.

Eventually, Smith pulled the Jeep into the parking lot of an apartment complex on South Beverly Street.

Once Smith stopped, the officer held Smith and gunpoint until another officer arrived.

Police searched Smith's vehicle and found a half-full bottle of Christian Brothers Brandy.

When Smith was asked why he didn't stop for the police officer, he said that he did not see or hear the lights. Asked if he had been drinking, Smith said he had one beer and two or three shots of whiskey.

Smith agreed to take a field sobriety test in which his performance indicated that he was too intoxicated to operate a vehicle.

When he was transported to the Natrona County Detention Center, police obtained a search warrant to have his blood drawn and tested for alcohol concentration. However, when he arrived at the nurse's station, he became belligerent and stated he wasn't going to give blood.

He was expected to make an initial appearance in Natrona County Circuit Court Tuesday.

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