A man who has been the subject of numerous indecent exposure reports to the Casper Police Department was arrested Sunday afternoon for allegedly pleasuring himself in the driveway of his home.

Bruce Brooker, 36, was booked on a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure. He could face up to six months in jail and a fine of $750 if convicted.

Charging papers say a woman drove past Brooker's house on Amherst earlier in the day and reportedly saw Brooker masturbating in the front doorway of his house. She didn't call police, because Brooker was inside his home.

But when she passed Brooker's house again as she drove home with her daughter some three hours later, the woman saw Brooker pleasuring himself between a truck and trailer in his driveway.

The woman later told police she saw two children, possibly 10 or 11 years old, riding bikes past Brooker's house.

A police officer arrived at Brooker's house and found Brooker near his garage. Brooker was not exposed, but was noticeably aroused, according to an affidavit.

Brooker claimed to have walked outside a "few seconds ago and was smoking a cigarette. He also said he urinated in his front yard earlier in the day, but never touched or exposed himself at any other time.

The police officer couldn't find any evidence of Brooker having smoked a cigarette recently.

Brooker is on probation for a previous indecent exposure conviction. A probation and parole supervisor agreed to pursue revocation of Brooker's probation.

Brooker was arrested. Court documents say he has been the subject of "numerous indecent exposure involvements" as well as several warrants for failure to comply and failure to appear.

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