Casper police on Friday arrested a 25-year-old man after his parents tried to address his alleged drug abuse, and he reportedly threatened his stepfather with a knife.

Kenneth J. Likes was booked into jail on recommended charges of domestic battery and interfering with a 911 call.

Charging papers say four officers were sent to an address on Indian Paintbrush shortly before 7 p.m. Friday for a report of an assault with a knife. The officers were told that Likes had pulled a knife on his parents and had threatened them with it.

Dispatch told the officers that "lots of screaming" could be heard on the phone call, and that Likes had left the area on foot.

An officer found Likes near Riverbend and Jonquil, and Likes put his hands in the air as the officer stopped. Police took Likes back to the home on Indian Paintbrush, having not found any knife on his person.

At the home on Indian Paintbrush, officers spoke with Likes's mother and stepfather. The stepfather told police that they suspected Likes was on drugs.

During the day, the stepfather had found that Likes had come to the home while the family was gone, got onto the family computer and deleted all of their personal files such as pictures and tax documents.

Likes had agreed to leave the house, and while he was there, he made comments toward his stepfather, who in turn confronted Likes about deleting the computer files.

The two argued, with the stepfather yelling at Likes to "do it," and taking a step toward Likes. Likes ended up pulling a box-cutter type knife from his pants, holding the knife toward his stepfather. The stepfather did not back down, and Likes apparently put the knife back into his pants.

The stepfather told his wife, Likes's mother, to call police. Likes was allowed to go into the house to get his things before leaving.

Likes reportedly could be heard knocking things over. He eventually heard his mother on the phone with police and became upset, grabbing the phone out of her hand and hitting it against the wall.

The stepfather stepped in to defend Likes's mother, and Likes allegedly punched him in the face near his right eye. Likes continued trying to hit his stepfather, and the stepfather took Likes to the ground, where he held Likes until Likes agreed to leave.

The stepfather told police that it wasn't the first time Likes had been physical, and he was afraid for the safety of his wife, as Likes had been physical with her as well.

Likes's mother told police that she believed Likes was using methamphetamine, and she didn't want Likes around his younger sister while he was like that.

Likes refused to speak with officers without his attorney present. Likes was arrested and taken to jail.

Cameras at the front door and inside the home had captured the alleged incident with the knife and the alleged assault, court documents say.

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