If you love the movie "Caddyshack" and/or are looking for a job, you might want to check out new opportunities at the Casper Municipal Golf Course.

I first noticed on their Facebook page that they were looking for seasonal help. They shared a link to the government jobs page which shows a bunch of positions they're looking to fill and that included an opening for Golf Course Assistant Superintendent.

The fact that the Ted Knight character from Caddyshack comes to mind probably means I would not be considered for this job. Dang.

#1 on the list of duties include:

Assists Superintendent in leading staff to include: prioritizing and assigning day-to-day tasks; monitoring daily operations; assisting with staff training; ensuring that employees follow policies and procedures; maintaining a healthy and safe working environment; and making hiring, termination, and disciplinary recommendations. In absence of Golf Course Superintendent: authorizes time off, approves payroll and makes hiring decisions.

I could do all of those things, but my guidance counselor has recommended that I stick with the radio career since that requires no actual skill or motivation.

You, however, are encouraged to apply. Get the latest on what the Casper Municipal Golf Course is up to on their Facebook page and check out the government jobs page if you want to work there.

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