Dr. Lee Warren is a Casper Neurosurgeon and the Author of several books.

Dr. Warren was a surgeon for the United States Air Force and was Deployed to a Combat Theater Hospital in Iraq.

His first book was called "No Place To Hide" and talks about his experience with trauma, both his own and that of the soldiers he worked with.

In our radio interview, Dr. Warren described what the experience was like.

"We were mortared every day...and I performed about 200 brain surgeries in that tent hospital. We took care of US forces, injured Iraqi civilians and children, and also the enemy. Insurgents and terrorists."

"Our combat medics in the field, they take care of whoever is in front of them...it was quite remarkable how everybody served their fellow man no matter who they were."

That message there, one of faith in God's plan for each of us and a desire to work to heal anyone in need, is one of the many lessons in Dr. Warren's latest book, "I've Seen the End of You."

I myself have read this book, and it's why I asked him to talk with us on the show.

I knew that this book was going to deal with death and dying and I admit to being a bit apprehensive as I dove in. When I came up for air hours later I was filled with appreciation for how well this book was written, and its raw honesty.

I can’t recommend this book enough.

Learn more about his books, read blog posts, listen to his podcasts, and contact him through his website wleewarrenmd.com

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