A Casper restaurant has fired an employee after an apparently racist act in the workplace prompted an investigation.

"It has stunned all of us," Johnson Restaurant Group President John Johnson told K2 Radio News in a phone interview Saturday. "It was truly a rogue act by one employee."

A photo circulated on social media showed an action figure -- a shirtless African American male in 'wild west' garb -- hanging somewhere inside Wyoming Ale Works with a rope around the neck.

The employee responsible for staging the items was immediately suspended Jan. 30 when the incident was reported to management, Johnson said. The employee who notified supervisors then removed the action figure.

"We don't tolerate racism," Johnson said, adding that the roughly 800 people employed by his company are a diverse bunch representing various races, genders and religions.

A company-led inquiry revealed additional information about the employee which resulted in their termination from the job, Johnson said. He declined to divulge further details because it is a human resources matter.

"We're just shocked. We're still stunned," he added.

The person who lost their job worked as a member of the restaurant's service staff, Johnson said, emphasizing that the ex-employee's actions in no way represent the culture inside any JRG restaurants or the larger organization.

"We apologize to all of the people of Casper, all of our guests and all of our employees. It pains us all," Johnson said.

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